Calling All Falcons 1980-1999! We want YOUR BG Memories pictures!

Hi BG Warriors!

Here's the deal, over the past year BG Memories has learned a lot about our fellow Falcons. One big thing is most who follow our Facebook page and reach out to us on social media and via email for the latest BGSU news, information and trips down memory lane attended school before the two of us reached campus. Aside from BG News, all the BG Memories we want to celebrate with you in our one-of-a-kind designs are a challenge without some visual aids.

So, we're asking you to send in any BGSU on-campus and/or Bowling Green, Ohio images from your time on campus. You can send the photos to and we'll do our best to work them into a design. One catch is up until now, our beloved old BG logo - referred to as the LT design - remains unavailable to us for design use. We're still working to change that - hopefully soon. In the meantime, we believe off campus parties and BG nightlife themed pictures would be a great resource for us to continue to keep the BG Memories flowing.

Thank you!

Oh and to inspire you to dig up those picture. Here's our first batch of BG Memories!

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