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When we founded BG Memories Apparel back in February 2014, our goal was to provide BGSU alumni, current & future students a one-stop digital Bowling Green bookstore, which offered unique gifts and designs printed on lightweight, comfy material.

Over the past decade, BG Memories has shipped BGSU apparel to 47 states, the District of Columbia and four foreign countries. As Bowling Green alumni ourselves, we're proud of the business we've built to freshen up your BG fits and help you Wear Your Falcon Pride.

It's in that spirit that we publish our Ultimate Guide to BGSU. This post will be updated frequently with the latest resources, events and links to all things Bowling Green State University. And if you're considering attending BGSU after high school, it's a easy-to-read reference page to learn a little bit about what it means to be a Falcon, the history of BGSU, mascots, athletics, Bowling Green logos and what there is to do off campus in downtown Bowling Green, Ohio.

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Ay Ziggy Zoomba!

Brief History of BGSU

On November 10, 1910, Ohio's Commission on Normal School Sites voted in favor of Bowling Green to open one of two new Normal Schools in the Buckeye State. The Commission voted 3-2 for BG over Van Wert, which means Van Wert State University was *this* close to becoming a reality at the turn of the 20th century. Fellow Mid-American Conference school, Kent State became the other Normal School in the state's northeast.

Nearly four years later, Bowling Green Normal School officially opened and began offering classes. The first class welcomed 304 students and 21 faculty members.

In 1927, Bowling Green would earn its Falcons moniker, while in 1929, BGNS graduated to become Bowling Green State College. In the midst of The Great Depression, BGSC continued to build out its vision for the future as Bowling Green State University and added College of Education and College of Liberal Arts.

From there, college landmarks we still know today were built. Memorial Hall, also known as "The House that Roars" Anderson Arena, opened in 1960. Jerome Library welcomed students beginning in 1967.

Current BGSU Colleges

Bowling Green State University offers various degress through its eight colleges:

  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • Schmidthorst College of Business
  • College of Education and Human Development
  • Firelands College
  • Graduate College
  • College of Health and Human Services
  • College of Musical Arts
  • College of Technology, Architecture and Applied Engineering

BGSU Logos

Bowling Green State University athletic logos have evolved quite a bit over the years. 

BGSU Interlocking BG vintage logo
 The first official logo in BGSU history, the interlocking
B & G could be seen on letterman sweaters and jackets around campus in the 1960s. It came in a variety of colorways, which includes solid orange, orange with seal brown outline, and brown with orange outline. This last BG logo was thinner than the blocky look you see in the example to the right.
BGSU vintage logo

The next BGSU logo iteration borrowed some inspiration from the University of Iowa's "Herky Hawkeye". Freddie Falcon is seen with a sinister smirk on his beak as he flies over a block BGSU with shadowbox depth. Though inherited through a mutual understanding with Iowa, this Freddie Falcon logo is often regarded as the second-best BGSU logo in school history. One interesting note is that Freddie Falcon's logo must always accompany the block BGSU text below it in all apparel designs.

BGSU Vintage Logo LT
  A recent poll supported assumptions that BGSU vintage logo, affectionately referred to as the "LT" due to the Falcon head shape it formed by connecting the two letters, is the most popular logo in Bowling Green State University history. And this should come as no surprise as the LT first appeared in BGSU print material in the early 1970's before it was adopted as the primary athletic mark in the mid-1970s. It remained Bowling Green's athletic logo, in various colorways and forms, through 2007. By remaining the logo for decades, most alumni identify with and prefer it over the other three BGSU logos throughout its rich history.

BGSU Current Logo
The current BGSU logo is an interlocking B & G with a Falcon head interspersed. Referred to as the "space ghost" after the Hanna-Barbara superhero name of the same name, BG's most recent identifying mark is focused on tying the Bowling Green brand along with the Falcons mascot. This has been the primary logo since 2007, but don't be surprised if it receives a fresh look around 2027.

BGSU Mascots

BGSU Freddie Falcon

 Bowling Green State University's two mascots are Freddie and Frieda Falcon.

 Freddie Falcon was born on January 16, 1950 thanks, in large part, to the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity.


 Frieda Falcon joined the party some 16 years later in February 1966.

BGSU Frieda Falcon mascot

While Bob Taylor was the first Freddie Falcon in history, a male cheerleader was actually the Frieda Falcon before she was re-introduced in 1980 and came to life thanks to Sue Sheard's school spirit as the first female Frieda in school history.

The brother and sister birds can been seen around campus year-round, at most sporting events and spreading cheer and school spirit whenever they fly the nest. If you're lucky, they'll hook you up with a hockey puck at the next BGSU hockey game at Slater Ice Arena.

BGSU Athletics

The Bowling Green State University athletics department consists of 17 varsity programs including BGSU Falcons football, men's hockey, men's and women's basketball, baseball and men's and women's soccer.

Led by legendary head coach Doyt Perry, BGSU football won the UPI National Championship in 1959.

Led by Hall of Fame head coach Curt Miller, Bowling Green women's basketball reached the NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 in 2007. BGSU men's basketball last made the NCAA tournament in 1968.

Bowling Green's men's rugby club has been a perennial power for decades and won the National Championship in 2018, which also happened to be the 50th anniversary of the program.

BGSU Homecoming

BGSU Homecoming 2024 has been announced! Check out this year's theme and stay tuned for all the events planned as Falcon Nation heads back to campus.

Downtown Bowling Green

The intersection of Main Street and Wooster and surrounding neighborhoods are the epicenter of many BG memories. Though some of the businesses, bars, restaurants may have evolved, rebranded and closed over the years, staples like Pollyeyes still help you get stuffed, Uptown/Downtown fill your cup, Brathaus serves Legal Joints, and SamB's serves up some delicious snacks.

Just don't forget to swing by other nightlife destinations - new and old - and make new BG Memories:

  • Campus Quarters (front of campus)
  • Pisanellos Pizza
  • Liquid Bar
  • Howard's Club H
  • Mr. Spot's
  • Doc's Saloon
  • Cla-Zel Nightclub
  • Bar 149
  • Grounds for Though Coffee
  • Tubby's
  • Trotters
  • The Attic / Red Sky Pizza
  • Easy Street Cafe / Grumpy Dave's
  • Juniper Brewing
  • Beckett's Brewing
  • Shots Inc
  • Nate and Wally's
  • Ziggy's

Best Bowling Green, Ohio Pizza

We recently polled BG Memories Facebook followers on what their favorite Bowling Green pizza shop was during their era. While the now-closed Myles Pizza Pub won the best pizza popular vote, you can still visit Chip & Co. down in Greenville, South Carolina. 

Known more for their world famous stuffed breadsticks, garlic butter baste and velvety ranch dipping sauce, Pollyeyes actually took home the most votes of best active pizza pubs in Bowling Green.

Pisanello's received more than 25% of the vote and several heartfelt memories shared in the comments section.

Rounding out the top five were Pagliai's, Pizza Pub 516 and the now closed Mark's Pizza Pub.

Other shops, past and present, receiving votes were Red Sky Pizza, Dino's, and Shadows.

BGSU Bookstore x BG Memories Apparel Partnership

If you stop in BGSU's Bowen-Thompson Student Union, be sure to swing into Falcon Outfitters, Bowling Green's campus bookstore. BG Memories Apparel has partnered and collaborated with FO on a number of designs over the years and are so proud to have the bookstore carry BG Memories' line of t-shirts and hoodies.


Where is BGSU located?

Bowling Green State University is located in Northwest Ohio, roughly 20 minutes south of Toledo, Ohio. BGSU is an hour south of Detroit, Michigan, two hours west of Cleveland, two hours north of Columbus and 2.5 hours north of Cincinnati. BGSU is located in Wood County.

How many students attend BGSU?

At the start of the 2023-24 school year, Bowling Green State University enrollment was nearly 20,000 students or 18,966 to be exact. Their enrollment shot up 7% and continues to rise, while fellow local university, Toledo, has witnessed a dip in enrollment numbers as of late.

What is My BGSU?

The MyBGSU portal allows current students to access their BGSU information from any computer including things like email accounts, Canvas, the student center and other Bowling Green student resource information.

What BGSU colleges are available to students?

Bowling Green State University offers six colleges plus Honors College, Graduate College and BGSU Firelands regional campus. BGSU students can choose from:

  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • Schmidthorst College of Business
  • College of Education and Human Development
  • College of Health and Human Services
  • College of Musical Arts
  • College of Technology, Architecture, and Applied Engineering

How much is BGSU tuition 2024?

The average Bowling Green State University tuition, before financial aid, is $24,725 and around $16,000 with financial aid. Data indicates that more than 90% of BGSU students can receive financial aid in their first semester.

What division is BGSU football, basketball and athletic programs?

Most Bowling Green athletic programs, including BGSU football, basketball and hockey participate in NCAA Division I conferences. However, while Bowling Green football, basketball competes in the Mid-American Conference (MAC), BGSU hockey are members of the Central Collegiate Hockey Association (CCHA).

Here's a full list of BGSU varsity sports:

 BGSU Women's Sports BGSU Men's Sports
Basketball Baseball
Cross Country Basketball
Golf Cross Country
Gymnastics Football
Soccer Golf
Softball Ice Hockey
Swimming/Diving Soccer
Track & Field

In addition to the 17 varsity athletic programs, BGSU offers dozens of club sports including men's rugby, which has boasted a perennial power program for decades. The Falcons rugby team won the D1AA National Championship in 2018 as it celebrated its 50th Anniversary.

What does BGSU's Ay Ziggy Zoomba chant mean?

The story goes that Ay Ziggy Zoomba was a Zulu war chant that BG soldiers brought back following World War II. It's also featured in the movie "Paper Moon" and sung by alum Mike Wegar.

BGSU Vintage LT Logo Apparel


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