Former Falcon baseball player Reimold finishing season strong with Orioles

Great feature story on former BGSU Falcons baseball player and current Baltimore Orioles leadoff hitter Nolan Reimold and his family. You may remember his brother, John, played basketball at BGSU, too.


Get to know Nolan Reimold, All-Star dad
By Josh Sadlock

For Jacksonville, Florida mother of six Jenny Reimold, the alarm clock announces the beginning of every new day at 5:15. She takes some time to prepare herself for the day spent shuttling Grace, Jack, Emma, Mary Clare, Maggie, and Charlotte around in her 12-passenger van. Then, it’s off to school, baseball, cheerleading, and gymnastics with the marathon day typically coming to a close after the clock strikes ten o’clock. If that sounds like a typical day for a mother of six, it is. Having a large family creates a busy life. Having a husband who plays professional baseball creates a busier life.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, Jenny Reimold is the wife of Baltimore Orioles’ outfielder Nolan Reimold.

“We had to break down and buy the 12-passenger van,” Jenny explained. “At first, Nolan was really against it [the van], but now he says he will not drive it, but he will ride in it. It is really odd for us pulling into a player parking lot full of Mercedes and sports cars when you’re driving a mini bus full of kids.”

Every four to six weeks, Jenny points her van north to Baltimore, but with six kids, and three in school, it has become increasingly difficult to make the long journey to watch dad do his job at Camden Yards.

“It’s difficult on all of us. My girls want to see their dad. Nolan misses out on the first day of school, ballet recitals, and all those things a dad would want to see. We’re all looking forward to him coming home.”

The Reimolds added to their family this July, and Nolan was able to make the trip home to be with his wife and family for Charlotte’s birth, but only three days later, it was back to work. Pregnancies are a challenging time, but the challenges become even greater when dad’s job takes him away from home for eight straight months.

“It’s really tough physically when he is gone. He left in February, and I couldn’t travel after seven months. Towards the end of pregnancy, you’re tired, your body hurts, and you’ve got the rest of the children that need to be taken care of. I try to keep everything in perspective though. We live in a military town so we know many friends who are deployed for over a year and don’t get to see their families at all. We are fortunate that we can visit when we can get to Nolan.”

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