JULY VOTE: Who Belongs On BGSU's Mount Rushmore?

JULY VOTE: Who Belongs On BGSU's Mount Rushmore?

Over the past 108 years, Bowling Green State University has been home to many talented, skilled and determined students who flourished and, in some cases, continue to flourish in and throughout their professional careers before being honored as prominent alumni. These former Falcons are entertainers, coaches, athletes, educators, business executives, journalists, politicians, and the fields of expertise rolls on.  

Doyt Perry BGSUSo, we here at BG Memories thought it would be fun to pose this to Falcon Nation. If you had to choose, who do you believe deserves to be on BGSU’s Mount Rushmore? In your mind, which four Falcons do you think deserve the ultimate recognition chiseled into forever? During the month of July, you can submit your four nominees using the comment section below. We’ll then tally up all the names and present Bowling Green State University’s Mount Rushmore this August. Oh, and it’s not lost on us that BGSU’s very own Eva Marie Saint may have an inside track on some early votes as she climbed down Rushmore’s façade in Alfred Hitchcock’s movie Northwest by Northwest.

Eva Marie Saint BGSU

As we know, the legendary Hollywood actress is not alone. Former Falcon football coach Doyt Perry is sure to be in the mix with his signature thick-rimmed glasses along with Bowling Green’s hometown boy Scott Hamilton, and Vitamix founder and business executive Jodi Berg; have one of her blenders in the house!

Curt Miller BGSU Connecticut SunFormer women’s basketball coach Curt Miller dominated the Mid-American Conference during his tenure and took BGSU to the NCAA Tournament Sweet Sixteen. CBS News feature reporter, Steve Hartman, is one of the best storytellers on television. Although it would be challenging to chisel the entire 1984 BGSU Hockey team into Rushmore, that squad's 4-OT NCAA Championship win at Lake Placid remains one of the, if not thee, best BG memories of all-time.

So, to recap …

  1. This July BG Memories wants to know “Who Belongs On BGSU’s Mount Rushmore?”
  2. Send us your four nominations by using the comments section below.
  3. Share the Mt. Rushmore vote with fellow Falcons via social media.
  4. The top four names will be unveiled this August, but we’ll keep you updated on how things are going throughout the month.
  5. Roll Along you BG warriors and fight for B-G-S-U!

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